Magicka: The Ninth Element

A Tale of Wizards

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Four young Wizards are sent on a dangerous quest against a powerful enemy. Some day they may be legends. Right now, they’re in way over their heads...

The Wizards of Midgård channel the Eight Elements to perform astounding (and often destructive) feats of Magick. They are sworn to use their powers for good, never for evil – and only occasionally for the sheer fun of blowing things up.

There have long been rumors of a mythical Ninth Element that grants ultimate power to the Wizard who masters it. The Order of Magick says there is no such thing. But when a mysterious Purple Wizard steals an ancient artifact that just may be a key to unlocking the (alleged) Ninth Element, the Order wants it back at any cost ... just in case.

Naturally, they send four inexperienced student Wizards to do the job. To save the world, Davlo, Fafnir, Grimnir and Tuonetar must test their spells against deadly traps, barbaric foes, hordes of monsters, a fearsome giant and the awesome might of the Purple Wizard. But their most dangerous enemy may be one of their own...

(Or not. Just saying it could be. No guarantees. You’ll just have to read the book, won’t you?)

Author: Dan McGirt
Editor: Mattias Johnsson
Type: Novel

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About the Author:

Dan McGirt is not a Wizard, but he can do a couple of card tricks. Best known as the author of the comical Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series, Dan dwells in the city called Atlanta in the land known as Georgia. He is a longtime member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and the founder of the small press Trove Books. His hobbies away from the keyboard include hiking, kayaking, exploring old cemeteries, riding horses, and building homemade time machines. Visit Dan online at