Hearts of Iron III

Victory At All Costs

It’s time to take command and lead your nation through World War II, the largest conflict in world history. Hearts of Iron III lets you take charge on any front, as any country, and through a variety of scenarios. Guide your nation to glory from 1936 to 1948: wage war on the battlefields, in the factories, and at the negotiating table, in the most detailed game based on World War II ever made.


  • Play as any nation from 1936 to 1948 – choose from over 100 countries.
  • With nearly 15,000 provinces, Hearts of Iron III is not only five times larger than before, it’s also the most detailed depiction of World War II ever created.
  • Flexible technology system with hundreds of categories
  • Major powers get their own unique attributes.
  • Interact with thousands of historically accurate military commanders and politicians.
  • Realistic military command AI allows for unprecedented levels of interaction.



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