Easy Job, They Said...

Starvoid is a multiplayer real time strategy game with an easy to pick up and play structure. Quick respawns and the ability to drop into games at anytime keep you in the action.


Take control of a mercenary commander in the outer rim of the galaxy as you vie for control of a precious star fuel known as Starvoid. Using an arsenal of combat robots, vehicles and special abilities, it is up to you to defeat rival mercenaries. Deployable machine gun turrets, minefields, repair nanoids and orbital rocket strikes are only a sampling of the tools at your disposal. If your commander is eliminated, fast respawns refill your assets and ensure you're kept in the battle.

Easy Job, they said….ain’t no such thing out here.


  • Instant Action – Games can be dropped into or out of at any time
  • Intense multiplayer – Up to 12 players per server and instant player respawns create an action packed experience
  • 3 game modes; Battle, Team Death Match and Sabotage
  • Tactical gameplay – True to its RTS roots, Starvoid focuses on tactical gameplay and strategic planning
  • Customization – Build your own army with upgradable units, unique abilities and outfit your commander before deploying into combat
  • Commander development – As you progress, new items are unlocked allowing deeper customization and variety.
  • Real Time Strategy / Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Hybrid



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