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Top 10 reasons to work at Paradox!

  1. We have fun at work!
  2. We’re all part of each other’s success and failures. 
  3. Your contribution counts, you’ll see direct results of your input in our final products.
  4. You’ll be responsible for your specific part of our production chain
  5. We’re a local company with a small company feel, operating successfully in an international environment with a strong brand and strong sales worldwide.
  6. Our “Paradox family” includes more than just employees, we have a network of loyal fans, 25+ external development studios and long-term sales partners who contribute to our success.
  7. We control our operations and make our own decisions, and we are not dependent on outside funding or lengthy approval processes.
  8. We are the only international computer games publisher in Sweden
  9. We frequently spend time together outside work
  10. Our corporate culture includes hard work and dedication but also Friday beers, team dinners and social events


Love your work and you won't have to work a single day in your life.