Leviathan: Warships Patch 1.1 featuring Jazz Boatman

Pieces Interactive  have been working on a new patch for Leviathan: Warships and this is the change log: 

  • Added Jazz Mode featuring Jazzy Boatman!
  • The user interface now scales to properly support high-resolution screens. This should fix the issues Nexus 10 and Mac retina displays have with a tiny GUI.
  • UI
  • In-game typing sound effect removed
  • Ships are now re-selected after targeting orders have been placed
  • Post effects (PC/MAC only)
  • Anti-Aliasing added
  • Bloom effect added
  • Gameplay
  • Ship prices balance pass
  • Cost raised on Shortfin, Stingray & Spearhead
  • Cost lowered on Buzzer, Destroyer, Bullycruiser, Overlord, Atlas & Dreadnought
  • Existing player accounts might receive invalid fleet sizes on existing fleets because of this. New Accounts will not be affected by these changes.
  • Beam guns can now destroy mines
  • Artillery and Rocket splash damage fixed
  • Artillery and Rockets balanced
  • Railgun autofire removed from campaign ships
  • Added the ability to reorder the ships in the shipyard
  • Winner/Loser status in the battle bar removed during replays. Why ruin all the excitement?
  • Matchmaking now saves the latest setup
  • More symbols allowed in passwords
  • Leviathan 1 & Leviathan 2 servers now available for tablet versions
  • Increased server stability
  • Fixed so Campaign planning timer does not reset to default value between missions
  • Improved shipyard zoom scroll on tablets

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