Celebrate witchcraft on Samhain (Halloween) with the Salem Team this year!

Nov 1st, 4.30pm GMT/5.30pm CET/12.30pm EST/9.30am PST

Sword of the Stars II Blasts Off into Space!

Sci-Fi Strategy Sequel Now Available

Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu Magicka Wgah'nagl Fhtagn

Magicka Gets R’lyeh Creepy in Newest, Biggest Expansion Yet

New Trailer & Screenshots for Defenders of Ardania Released!

Latest Assets Show Off Lush Landscapes and Different Unit Types Available

Apply for a beta spot in Naval War: Arctic Circle

Do you want to dominate your enemies above, upon & beneath the open seas?

Sword of the Stars II is now available for pre-order

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Play Hearts of Iron Cards with Paradoxians!

Dust Off Your Tanks! Paradox's Finest Employees Take On All Comers In Hearts of Iron: The Card Game, October 13 & 14, 2011 @ 4pm CET

Closed Beta for Crusader Kings II

Many were called, few were chosen

Closed Beta for Sword of the Stars II

A few chosen ones will get the chance to explore the dark space!

Get YOUR name in Crusader Kings II

Have your family immortalized in the upcoming medieval strategy RPG epic

Victoria II: A House Divided expansion announced!

The first expansion for the Grand Strategy epic announced along with brand new developer diary

Hearts of Iron The Card Game Brings Turn-Based World War II Gameplay to Strategy Fans Everywhere

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