July 2011

The Hottest Sale of the Summer is Here - 50% off Paradox Interactive Titles!

Prices Officially Hot Enough to Melt Mithril. Dwarves Not Happy

Cities in Motion German Cities

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Demo & Tutorial Videos for Supreme Ruler: Cold War Released!

The world hovers on the brink of Armageddon. The next move is yours!

“Captain Smith” join ranks with Paradox Interactive

Former RPS journalist hired by publisher as Creative Marketing Commissar

Supreme Ruler: Cold War released!

The world craves a leader – at last your time has come.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War trailer released!

The Countdown to Extinction has begun...

Paradox Unveils Line-Up for gamescom 2011

Project Postman to be Revealed During Press Conference on August 17

Joke your way into Pirates of Black Cove, Matey!

Plus - Scurvy Landlubbers Act Now to Pick Up a Free Copy of Woody Two-Legs: Attack of the Zombie Pirates

Vote for Paradox Interactive!

Paradox Interactive Nominated in Several Categories