August 2011

Paradox Interactive Announces Warlock: Master of the Arcane

Newest Game Set to Grace the Majesty™ World Aims to Refresh Turn-Based Strategy

GamesCom 2011 - Salem reveals Economic System

New trailer captures essence of the Free-to-Play MMORPG

Gamescom 2011 - New Gameplay Trailer Released for Crusader Kings II

Rule Your Nation through Respect or Betrayal—Either Way, There Will Be War

Gamescom 2011 - Hearts of Iron: The Card Game Teaser Trailer Released!

The Ultimate WW2 Collectible Card Game presented at gamescom

Paradox Interactive Announces War of the Roses!

New IP from Paradox Interactive and Fatshark Will Straight Up Murder You with a Battleaxe


Paradox Press Conference Today 13:00.

Gamescom 2011 – King Arthur II Epic War Trailer Released

Besting One Dragon: Improbable. Besting Hundreds of Dragons: JUST GIVE UP AND DIE ALREADY

Sword of the Stars II: Fans and Media Gathering at PAX

Your Chance to Try Out the Game Before Anyone Else!