Celebrate witchcraft on Samhain (Halloween) with the Salem Team this year!

Nov 1st, 4.30pm GMT/5.30pm CET/12.30pm EST/9.30am PST

NEW YORK - October 31, 2011 - Ah, that special time of year when restless spirits are let slip from the forgotten places of this world, to creep amongst the living. This Samhain, the developers of Salem, the free-form massively multiplayer game set in a fantastical New England, will also take you through everything there is to know about witchcraft in the game. To begin this celebration the team proudly releases their second trailer on the first day of Samhain (October 31st 2011) followed by a Live Streaming Demo the second day of Samhain (November 1st 2011).

Please enjoy the Samhain trailer here:

Watch Creative Director Björn Johannessen cover everything there is to know about witchcraft in Salem:


Want to watch the next broadcast demo? Then, make sure to follow the Official Paradox Interactive Channel on and at:

Witchcraft “according to Salem”

* Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog! Craft Curses & Hexes to place on unsuspecting victims for personal gain.
* Is it a bird? Is it a broom!? Fashion mysterious Simulacra for easy takes and quick escapes.
* Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. The magical cauldron is your tool of trade.
* Dabble in the dark arts! Leave clues behind and get caught.
* Make new friends online! Witch-hunters and torch-wielding mobs almost guaranteed.

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