Cast Spells from the Couch with Magicka in Big Picture Mode

New Controller-Friendly Mode on Steam Lets You Perform Gamepad Wizardry

NEW YORK — 12/3/012 — Paradox Interactive began a special sale today on Magicka, and they never even had to get up from the couch to do so. Today marks the launch of “Big Picture,” a new interface from popular PC distribution platform Steam, which is optimized for readability and interaction on any wizard’s magical televisory image-displaying box. Big Picture is designed to be used and played with a traditional game controller, and Magicka, the humor-laden Paradox favorite starring accident-prone multicolored robe enthusiasts, is being featured as a title with full controller support.

To celebrate this celebration of traditional couch-based gaming, Paradox is offering Magicka at 75% off, allowing gamers to afford new controllers as well. Paradox is not saying that Magicka is controller-throwingly frustrating; they are simply reminding the world that wizards are flammable and that accidents happen.
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