Paradox Reaches 500,000 Forum Members

Publisher Celebrates Half a Million Subscribers, Launches New Online Game Store

Celebrate Magicka’s Birthday with Present-Themed DLC

Paradox Issues Free Challenge Map for Celebrating Wizards, Title Has Sold 1.8 Million Copies to Date

The Showdown Effect Shows Off an Effective Website Full of One-Liners

Bullet Brawler from Paradox Releases New Video as Beta Looms

Armies on the Move in New March of the Eagles Video Developer Diary

The Upcoming Wargame Continues to Reveal its Secrets to a Wary World

Crusader Kings II: The Republic released!

Prepare for Family Feuds, Medieval style! Play as one of the great medieval merchant republics

Pre-Order for Dungeonland Now Open! Release Date Set and Trailer Released

Get a Head Start on Hero Slaughtering with Bonus Dungeon Maestro Perks, Live Stream Forthcoming

Meet the All-Star Cliché Cast of The Showdown Effect

See a New Developer Diary from Mostly Non-Cliché Arrowhead Team Members

Crusader Kings II: The Republic Video & Developer Diary Released!

Award Nominations for Strategy RPG Game Bountiful

The Showdown Effect (Beta) Tests Itself for Awesomeness

Sign Up for Beta, Watch a New Movie-style Trailer, and See a Live Stream Today

"Winter has Arrived" in War of the Roses with New Content Launching on Dec. 19

Trailer showing new Wakefield map released, live stream coming Dec. 20

Paradox Makes A Game of Dwarves Darker (But Not Edgier)

New “Dark Mode” Upgrade Adds More Genuine Subterranean Lighting

March of the Eagles Gameplay Trailer Released

Live Stream on December 13 at 7pm GMT/11am PST with the Developers

Capitalism Reigns as Crusader Kings II: The Republic Expansion is Announced

Work the Waterways to Wealth and Glory

Paradox Reveals a Pack of DLC for A Game of Dwarves

New “Star Dwarves” Content Allows Bearded Burrowers to Reach Deep Space