Do you have a great game you want to publish with Paradox Interactive?

Paradox Interactive is a video games publisher with offices in New York and Stockholm, Sweden. We have strong retail distribution in US and Europe, and work with world-renowned distributors around the world. Digital distribution is also growing quickly, through retailers such as Steam, GamersGate, GameFly, GameStop and many others.

Some of our brands are Magicka, War of the Roses, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis. PC is our core platform, but we are working more and more with console platforms as well.

Our dedicated PR and marketing team focuses on getting your games placed on all major sites, blogs and magazines. We have direct contact with thousands of journalists, and we work actively with social media including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, but also our own online forum, where gamers and game developers can meet.

What We're Looking For

Paradox is always on the lookout for a game that fits our DNA. In other words - smart games, for smart gamers. So if you have a game (not a game idea) you feel fits Paradox feel free to get in touch with us. But do bear the following in mind - whenever we get a game sent to us we always look for these core principles in a game:

  • Lots of replayability - you're essentially never "done" with the game. It's the journey that matters - not the destination.
  • Hardcore & Challenging - The game is hard in the right way - it makes you think and rewards you for it.
  • Function over form - Pretty graphics are all right - but what really matters is gameplay. Our games don't sacrifice gameplay for graphics.
  • Nerding out possible - Our games are often about a subject matter that you can totally "nerd out" in. Like WW2, medieval swordfighting or how fast an unladen european swallow can fly. Stuff like that.
  • Modular approach - we appreciate games that can be expanded upon in new modules that change/improve the game - making it easier to support over a long time. This is why story driven games have a hard time finding a home with us.
  • Open platforms - While PC is our heart we try to release our games on as many platforms as possible that are open and allow us to do frequent updates and content drops - that includes mac, linux, tablets, smartphones and some consoles.
  • Important - Your game doesn't have to match up against all of these principles - the more the better. But if your game doesn't match up at all you have to asking yourself - why come to Paradox? Because we will be asking that ourselves.

Finally - please don't send us your game ideas. We're sure it's good - but we have enough ideas ourselves to last us a lifetime. If you however have taken your great, amazing, wonderful idea and created a demo or an Alpha, Beta or even maybe finished your game - don't hesitate to get in touch - but do look over the principles above one more time.

Submit Your Game

Please download this one-page PowerPoint template and use that to submit your game concept to the Paradox review board here.