Need some help?

Paradox Interactive offers many levels of service for our customers and members. To get the best help possible please read below about our services and what best fits your issue.

The Paradox Forums

We have a very strong community and a great deal of our support is player-to-player. Most problems will be solved by simply browsing the forums or creating a new thread asking for help. Please note that for technical support you should go to the technical support forum for the game in question. To get access to these sub-forums you will need to register the game in question under My Games.

What game do you need help with?


Support Ticket System

If you cannot find an answer for your question using the forums, please submit a request through our convenient ticket system to contact Paradox Support directly. Please be as detailed as possible describing your issue. We encourage you to try and find the answer in the forums before contacting us, as most answers are already provided there.

Webshop Support

If you have any questions regarding our webshop, please submit a request through our ticket system and make sure to put in "Webshop Issue" as Type of Issue.