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Bobby, Mark and Paradox Interactive

We all love PC Gaming

Developing games for PC is great. I don't say that just because we have only released one non-PC title to date (Lead & Gold for PlayStation Network) and a small minority of our upcoming titles are played on machines other than the PC. No, I'm not biased at all. I'm a morally sound individual, and what you will find in this blog are nothing but my completely honest, unbiased opinions. What I find most exciting is that more and more people consider PC the gaming machine of the future. Seeing what you can do with a PC in comparison what you can do with other consoles, how you can connect with other gamers, release new stuff and keep control of your releases makes more and more people understand the true potential of PC gaming.

First of all, a small note on Paradox Interactive and our business; we have never sold more games than we did in 2009, and we'll sell even more in 2010. Of course, this has to do with several different variables; we have digital distribution, which has turned many pirates into paying customers. Digital distribution also allows for a dynamic pricing model that prolongs the life-cycle of the titles and gives us the option of adding small content in packages without developers and publishers taking huge financial risks with every project. The PC is also the only open platform where the developers and publishers can speak directly to the gamer. Like I'm doing right now. See how easy and fun this is?

It also helps that several influential people joined in our big love fest for the PC. Activision's Bobby Kotick revealed that console games, including Call of Duty, only provide a third of the publishing giant's operating profit. 70 per cent is raised from "non-console-based" games. Even though boosted by the World of Warcraft franchise the “non-console” numbers are quite impressive. Nothing quite as impressive as Paradox's numbers, but not too bad at all, I'm sure. Keep an eye on these Activision Blizzard guys – they're up-and-comers.

Mark Rein from Epic Games also chimed in, claiming in a recent interview that they are, despite titles like Gears of War, “very much into the PC game business” and claims it's a myth they abandoned the PC as platform. Sounds like a plan, Mark! I'm right there with you.

Still not convinced? Maybe we should look at some other recent news:

These are just excerpts from the past 2 months... I guess if you look into the future we'll see even more people focusing on PC gaming. Paradox will still be there, making games that PC gamers want to play. And, sure, some console stuff, too.

Happy gaming until next time, and look out for me in multiplayer in Lead & Gold (PC version) and Mount & Blade Warband under the nick “Skinngubben” in the coming weeks. I'll be there!



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