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Europa Universalis IV E-Book: Common Sense

To celebrate the release of the Common Sense expansion for Europa Universalis IV, Paradox Books releases this classic work of the same name, in ebook format. Thomas Paine only needed 48 pages to write Common Sense, but the impact of those pages would echo through history like few other documents before or after. The empire forged from its words still remains the world’s mightiest power more than 200 years later.

This work is in the public domain. It includes a new preface by Jakob Munthe, the Brand Manager for Europa Universalis IV.


Instructions are as follows:


Upon purchase, this book will be downloaded to your computer in two formats: epub and mobi (Kindle). To access your ebook, navigate to the ebook folder in your Europa Universalis IV game folder.

* Right click Europa Universalis IV in your Steam Library

* Select Properties

* Go to the Local Files tab

* Click Browse Local Files

* Open the ebook folder

* To read the book on your mobile device, transfer the epub or mobi file to the device and open the file in your ebook reader app. Enjoy!


Additional Information

System Requirements

To read the epub and mobi (Kindle) formats of the book, an ebook reader or app is required. To read the PDF, you need a PDF reader.

Europa Universalis IV E-Book: Common Sense
Europa Universalis IV E-Book: Common Sense
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    Thomas Paine

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    Tomas Härenstam