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Europa Universalis IV E-Book: The Art of War

The Art of War is one of the greatest classics of military literature ever written. The ancient Chinese military treatise is attributed to Sun Tzu, a military general and strategist. The book is structured into 13 chapters, covering all aspects of warfare from planning and alliances to maneuver, terrain and espionage.

This edition of the timeless classic is devoted to the Europa Universalis IV computer game by Paradox Interactive. It includes a preface by project lead Thomas Johansson with advice on how to apply Sun Tzu’s teachings to this very complex and multi-layered game.

“When it comes to Europa Universalis each chapter has something to bring to your experience, just as it has something to teach to just about any field where you manage resources towards victory”, Johansson writes. “The main thrust of Sun Tzu is an indirect approach to warfare and, ideally, winning without fighting.”

This translation of The Art of War is in the public domain.

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Europa Universalis IV E-Book: The Art of War
Europa Universalis IV E-Book: The Art of War
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    Sun Tzu

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    Thomas Johansson