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  • Paradox announces new partnership with Twitch
    Paradox announces new partnership with Twitch

    Games to be sold directly via social video platform - revenue to be split with streamers

    Published: February 27, 2017 6:56:26 PM CET

    Paradox Interactive today announces a new partnership with social video platform Twitch, becoming a launch partner for Twitch Games Commerce. Beginning in spring 2017, Paradox games and in-game content will be available for sale directly via Twitch.

    Revenue will be split between Paradox, Twitch and the streamer, with streamers earning 5% for sales originating from their channel pages.

    “Ultimately Paradox games are not about telling a story - they are about giving players the means to tell their own stories. Twitch, as a platform, is the natural extension of that philosophy”, says Shams Jorjani, VP Business Development at Paradox Interactive, and not a vampire.

    “Giving players another way to support their favorite streamer is not only great for everyone involved - it's a logical next step in the relationship between developers, fans and streamers.”

    Paradox Interactive was one of the first video game publishers in the world to embrace Twitch streaming. Since 2011, the company has regularly broadcast from its Stockholm HQ to a worldwide audience.

    Today, Paradox streams of games such as Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Cities: Skylines, Tyranny, Hearts of Iron IV and Crusader Kings 2 average over one million views per month.

    For more information about Twitch Games Commerce, please visit

    For your viewing pleasure, here are three classic Paradox live stream series, originally broadcast via Twitch:


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