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  • You’re Going to Need a Bigger Space Boat for Leviathans
    You’re Going to Need a Bigger Space Boat for Leviathans

    First Story Pack for Stellaris Arrives Alongside Major Free Update

    Published: October 20, 2016 1:29:22 PM CEST

    Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have today released Leviathans, the first story pack for the critically acclaimed science fiction strategy game, Stellaris.

    Leviathans adds new exploration centered content, as you encounter new, potentially dangerous species, pirates and space creatures when you expand across the galaxy. New events and new options are open to you, bringing you even deeper into an epic space opera of your own creation.

    Stellaris: Leviathans includes:

    Guardians: Powerful space entities with mysterious origins and motives. Fight or investigate them to unlock technologies and gain access to great treasures.

    Enclaves: Independent outposts of traders and artists who are willing to make a deal. Exchange resources, purchase information about the galaxy, or commission a great work of art for your empire.

    War in Heaven: Where will your fledgling empire lie if two ancient Fallen Empires decide to renew old grievances in a War in Heaven?  Will you err on the side of caution and take a side with the stronger power, or will you strike at both whilst they are occupied with their own titanic struggle?

    New art and music to add greater variety and listening pleasures to your game experience.




    The launch of Leviathans is accompanied by the Heinlein update to the base Stellaris game, available to anyone who owns it. Heinlein is a huge patch that addresses many issues for players, including:

    A convenient Auto-Explore feature.

    Rally points for your freshly-assembled Navy.

    The Expansion Planner Interface.

    An overhaul of Strategic Resources.

    Clearer specialization/role for ship types.

    More options for customizing new galaxies.

    New smarter Sector Governors.

    Stellaris: Leviathans is available on Steam and the Paradox Store for $9.99.


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