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  • Free Trial Version for War of the Roses live

    Join us on the Battlefield!

    Published: February 7, 2013 6:00:00 AM CET

    A free trial version of War of the Roses, allowing gamers to download and play the game without cost. The trial version will include access to all online battles, enabling aspiring warriors to fight alongside all existing players – paid or trial. The trial version will limit players by disallowing any unlocks, giving access only to the game’s base classes and weapons, giving trial players a chance to live true knighthood.

    2. Click on the "download demo" link on the right hand side of the product page
    3. Install or open your Steam Client
    4. Your Steam Client will then prompt you to download/install the Demo
    5. Complete download & install. Now you are ready to play the War of the Roses Demo. You'll find it in your Steam games library.

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