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Seminars at PDXCON 2017

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Johan Andersson
EVP Creative Direction

Did you know that Europa Universalis had the shortest pitch ever to get approved at Paradox? At PDXCON 2017 the very Johan Andersson will let you in on many similar stories with his talk "Around the world in 400 years: the Europa Universalis story"
Shams Jorjani
VP Business Development
– Brands & Production

Have you ever had an idea for a game but no clue what to do with it? At PDXCON 2017 Shams will talk about why "Ideas are useless! Pitch a game to Paradox!" letting you in on a bunch of tips and tricks on how to nail that pitch!
  Mariina Hallikainen
CEO Colossal Order

For those of you joining us for PDXCON 2017 you will also learn about how Intersections Can Be Sexy and Other Secrets of Cities Skylines in Mariina's talk "Parks and Wreck: The Evolution of Cities: Skylines"
Dan Lind
Game Director at Hearts of Iron

Joining us for PDXCON 2017 you will also get to experience the ever lovely Dan 'Podcat' Lind in his talk "Uniting through Divisions: How Hearts of Iron IV Works" focusing on the Blood, Toil, Beers and Sweat: the making of Hearts of Iron IV!
Henrik Fåhraeus
Game Director Crusader Kings

Five years we've fondly supported Crusader Kings 2 and there have been many stories along the way! Join us at PDXCON 2017 to hear Henrik Fåhraeus talk "+1 to intrigue: secrets of Crusader Kings II" going through "The seven deadly sins of Crusader Kings development" as well as "Crafting your stories: Content Design at PDS" together with Petter Vilberg!
Martin Anward
Game Director at Stellaris

Last year we at Paradox ventured in to the depths of space with the launch of Stellaris. Join us at PDXCON and listen to Martin 'Wiz' Anwards talk of "Reaching for the Stars: How Paradox Made its first 4x game"!
Mod Teams
PDXCON 2017 Gets Up Close and Personal With Mod Teams! We're extremely excited to welcome the teams of both the Kaiserreich and MEIOU & Taxes mods! Want to attend their seminars or just talk to them on the floor? Then we'll see you in Stockholm!
Anna Norrevik

Paradox Development Studio Project Lead Anna will host the talk "Games are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made." where she'll go through the process of making an expansion, from idea to post-release patch and the challenges that come with it!
Carl Carenwall
AI Designer/Programmer

Carl will be talking about the behaviour of AI in "Why did it do that? The strengths and limits of grand strategy AI".
Björn Iversen
Audio Director

Björn will be talking about audio creation in PDS games: "Voices, where?! The Delusional Mind of a Audio Director.
Juliette Auverny & Andreas Ruthberg Sällquist
Paradox Legal Team

Juliette & Andreas will talk about "Fair Use, Copyright and Creation: How to Avoid a Casus Belli"
Milla Isaksson & Petter Vilberg
Content Designers

Milla & Petter will hold a seminar about "Crafting your stories: Content Design at PDS"
Chris King & Jake Leiper-Ritchie

The EUIV Live Live Stream
Susana Meza Graham

Susana is hosting the seminar "Susana at Tanagra: Come Hear the Tales".
Fredrik Wester

Fred will be talking about the evolution of Paradox.
Colossal Order, Frontier Developments, Mojang & Paradox Studios

Gaming luminaries combine their powers for a PDXCON super panel to discuss building games for gaming builders in "Creating Games for an Equally Creative Community"

Shaun McInnis, Tyler Cooper and Anders Carlsson

Tips for Building Your Twitch Strategy
How Paradox Interactive uses Twitch to build community and
 some of the lessons new streamers can learn.

Due to fire regulations, access to certain panel discussions, presentations that occur during PDXCON will be limited to the maximum capacity of the particular room and will be on a first-come first-served basis. If an area has reached its capacity, you may not be granted re-entry after exiting. 

PDXCON 2017 is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found here.