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Magic Draft

Take on the challenge to battle the Paradox's own Magic-Master nilswithskills in an exclusive Modern Masters 2017 draft! With only 14 open seats, you'll draft the newest and coolest set from the classic cult game Magic: The Gathering and then battle it out it three rounds. You'll get to keep the loot from the draft and if you're lucky you might even get some additional prizes. The actual draft will take about 45 min and then the three games one hour each so expect around four hours of intense gaming experience.

It's a casual event, the purpose is to have fun but you're expected to know the rules of Magic to fully enjoy this event.

Sign up info:

Sign up if you are interested to join a battle. A limited number of seats are available each day (7), first come first served

Game play location & time

  • Eldarbaren (ground floor) Saturday 13/5, 14.00-18.00
  • Eldarbaren (ground floor) Sunday 14/5, 12.00-16.00