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PDXCON 2017 Cosplay Contest

Dress to Impress for the PDXCON 2017 Cosplay Contest!


It is time to answer some of the most important fashion questions of our time: Who looks better in a tricorn hat - You or Napoleon?  Could you defeat Catherine the Great in a battle of the ball-gowns?

We at Paradox love dressing up and letting ourselves look a little bit silly, so it's a good thing we make games full of old fashioned clothing that most people never get a chance to wear. Top hats, frock coats, red coats, togas, long flowing robes. History is the best and most diverse closet imaginable.

So why not have a cosplay contest to see how creative and in character you can be?

At PDXCON 2017, we are inviting all of our guests to participate in a cosplay competition. The best 3 costumes will be chosen by a Paradox jury and announced on the evening of May 13, as the convention celebrations hit their crescendo. We ask that guests wear something with a historical theme. You are not required to wear a costume explicitly connected to a Paradox game, but considering how much fashion history we cover, we are hard to avoid!

Now, what will be your rewards for this journey into historical fashion?  Read on!

  • 1st Magicka Robe (So you can cosplay whilst you cosplay!)
  • 2nd Prize related to an unannounced project (Mysterious, yes.  Cool?  Most definitely!)
  • 3rd 1 Paradox Game ($79 value) from our catalogue.  Because who doesn't want to play more awesome games?!
Date: Saturday May 13th
Time: 1.45pm - 4pm
Location: The courtyard bar area. Check out the "Cosplay Contest Sign Up" sign

For questions about the contest, please email

Guidelines: Competitors are encouraged to choose costumes within the boundaries of good taste. Avoid overtly sexual costumes, and no nudity please. Military uniforms are OK, however no nazi symbols e.g. swastika.