Do you have a great game you want to publish with Paradox Interactive?

Paradox Interactive is a video games publisher based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have a strong relationship with major online distribution networks, including Steam, Greenman Gaming and We also maintain a retail distribution network in those parts of Europe that still have a vibrant culture of buying off the shelf.

Our internally developed brands, like Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron, have seen amazing growth over their lifetimes. And we’ve been happy to welcome Magicka, Cities: Skylines, Pillars of Eternity and other amazing products into our publishing family.

Our dedicated PR and marketing team focuses on getting your games seen by media at all major games sites, magazines, podcasts and video sites. We have direct contact with thousands of journalists, and we work actively over social media including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Our own online forum ( welcomes thousands of players from across the globe to a welcoming community where gamers and game developers can meet.

What We're Looking For

Paradox is always on the lookout for a game that fits our corporate DNA. We are a company that has become known for smart games designed for smart gamers. So if you have a game (not a game idea) you feel fits Paradox’s portfolio, feel free to get in touch with us.

Your game might not meet every single one of these criteria, and still be something we are interested in. If you are missing a few, your game might still be great, but not something that we would feel comfortable putting our name on:

  • Replayable - You’re basically never “done” with the game. System driven games with challenging sandbox environments makes for unique game sessions each time you play.
  • Intellectual yet hard core - The games challenge your mind, not your reflexes. Incredible depth is also matched with a balanced learning curve.
  • Function Over Form - What makes a Paradox game beautiful isn’t necessarily the graphics - it’s the gameplay. Given the choice, we will always focus on gameplay and systems first. We strive for the right production values, not high production values.
  • Accessible - The games take time to master - but the journey is always rewarding. You don't stop playing our games because you don't understand how things work or what to do next.
  • Creativity - We want our players to create and share their own stories from our games - not just the stories we imagined. The game should encourage creativity, experimentation and the creation of memorable stories.
  • High engagement subject matter - Regardless of what the game is about, there’s always more to discover behind the scenes. The player can always dig deeper into the subject matter of the game even when they're not playing.

Finally, please don't send us your game ideas. We're sure they're good, maybe even amazing, but we have enough ideas ourselves to last each of us a lifetime.

However if you’ve turned your great, amazing, wonderful idea into a demo, an Alpha/Beta  build or maybe even a finished game, don't hesitate to get in touch if you think your wonderful creation is a good fit for us.


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