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Tyranny - Portrait Pack

Tyranny - Portrait Pack

About this Game

Customize your Fatebinder with a selection of 20 new character portraits, providing new ways to portray your character’s look and feel. This added portrait pack offers more options to players who wish to experience Tyranny with a Fatebinder that matches their personal vision.


  • 20 new in-game Fatebinder portraits
  • Artwork featuring male and female characters in a variety of outfits
  • Unwavering loyalty to Kyros

Additional Information

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System Requirements

This content requires the base game Tyranny on Steam in order to play.
Tyranny - Portrait Pack
Tyranny - Portrait Pack
USD 3.99
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  • Platform:

    Steam Windows Mac Linux

  • Genre:


  • Developer:

    Obsidian Entertainment

  • Release Date:

    April 4, 2017

  • Languages:

    English / French / German / Polish / Russian / Spanish

Singleplayer: Yes

Multiplayer: No

Controller: No