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War of the Roses E-book: Scholar Knight Double Edition

"The blade sheared through padding, collar bone, ribs, and came out the other side. Head, arm and shoulder thudded to the ground. The remainder of the corpse still stood, sheared torso like a bucket of steaming offal."

England AD 1454, the chaotic eve of the Wars of the Roses. Jack Rose would rather be a scholar than a knight. However, when a brutal landowner steals his family estates and plans to evict the tenants, Jack must take up the sword and win back his inheritance by force of arms. As he wades through increasingly lethal encounters, it becomes clear that War is in his blood. Now he must decide who he really is…

This double edition of the Scholar Knight series collects the novels The Sword is Mightier and Blood in the Streets into a single book. Follow Jack Rose fighting his path from scholar to knight, in the dramatic days of the Wars of the Roses.

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This title is also available from major ebook retailers such as the Amazon Kindle Store, Nook and the Apple iBookstore. The book is available in printed softback format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Adlibris.

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War of the Roses E-book: Scholar Knight Double Edition
War of the Roses E-book: Scholar Knight Double Edition
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    M Harold Page

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    Tomas Härenstam