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Warlock 2 E-book: The Great Mage Game

Former Great Mage Nicolas Frost has seen a lot in his life. His homeland of Ardania torn apart by war between the Great Mages, which ended with the rise of the United One, and exile of many of the remaining survivors.

To save his homeland, Nicolas has allied with Miralbus the “Hat” Card, Great Mage of Ardania and one of the most powerful men in the universe. Miralbus is raising an army to as he travels across the planes on his journey back to defeat the enemy that took everything from him. But even a Great Mage needs allies, and while both men share the same goal, they have very different ways of achieving it, which sometimes don’t match as well as they should…

Entering a new world containing the Svarts, a powerful race of beings with advanced technology, Miralbus wishes to bring them to his side in his battle against the United One. But he’s not the only one who wants them. Two other Great Mages—the fearsome undead King Lich IV and the beautiful elven Dragon Queen—are also vying for their favor. Miralbus and Nicolas will have to navigate the most treacherous battlefield of all—diplomacy—to come out on top and ally with the Svarts while making sure neither of the other Great Mages wins the day. And, of course, they’re also watching each other’s back to make sure another warlock doesn’t put a spell into it…

Set in the exciting world of Warlock II, this original novel features all of the fantasy, action, and intrigue gamers have come to expect from Paradox Interactive.

This title is also available from major ebook retailers such as the Amazon Kindle Store, Nook and the Apple iBookstore. The book is available in printed softback format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Adlibris.

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Warlock 2 E-book: The Great Mage Game
Warlock 2 E-book: The Great Mage Game
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    John Helfers

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    Tomas Härenstam